Yoga is a way of exploring our true self
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Yoga is a way of exploring our true self
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Tulumoni Borgohain has been practicing yoga for thirty years. She is also a devoted practitioner of meditation, especially Vipasana. For the last two years, she has been sharing the knowledge acquired through her long association with yoga and meditation with willing learners through online sessions, offline seminars and talks, her Facebook page and her YouTube channel. A large number of people have benefitted from her guidance, and they speak very highly of her ability to motivate, her clarity and in-depth knowledge, and her poise and grace.

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28 days Face Yoga Challenge

  • Starts from 8th August 2022
  • 30 minutes daily
  • Time : 6 am to 6: 30 am

Pay Only Rs. 999/- and book your seat right now

Self-love starts from self-care. So, step into our 28 days face yoga challenge with the right attitude and emerge with a positive vibe and confidence.


Positive mindset



Brighten your face

Look 10 years younger than your age

Helps to control fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess

Reduces double chin and face fat

Get a more prominent neck area

Get a symmetrical face

The purpose of yoga is not just to have a beautiful body or a disease free life. The purpose of yoga is to discover oneself. Each one of us pretends to be oneself; each one acts, dresses, behaves according to standards dictated by society, family, relatives etc. and gradually loses his or her individual identity and becomes unhappy. Through yoga we find and re-discover ourselves, we learn to feel our true selves. And through finding ourselves, we are born again and enter a new world, we find the true happiness in life.

A holistic way to heal your heart and body through pranayama, yoga and meditation.
This yoga session is open to people of any age, shape and size.


Reduce stress

Positive mindset


Fat reduction

Boost metabolism

Whole body toning workout plan

Gaining strength and flexibility

Getting energy

Get rid of sleeplessness

Able to deal with everyday problems

One Month Yoga Workshop

  • Start from 8th August 2022
  • 30 minutes daily
  • Time : 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Pay Only Rs. 999/- and book your seat right now


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Explore yourself, accept yourself and grow

Our transcendence to a higher level of existence is impossible unless we accept ourselves, because if we do not accept ourselves, we sink into despair, traveling to the bottomless pit of emptiness. Tulumoni Borgohain teaches through yoga and meditation how we can discover, accept and develop ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Instead of being frustrated about our color, whether we are black or white, what our gender is, what our race is, whether we are fat or thin, tall or short - our first task is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, and the next step is working for our overall development. Mechanical practice of yoga reduces its effectiveness by 90 percent, so Tulumoni Borgohain emphasizes on building an emotional relationship with yoga so that it becomes a joyful experience rather than a punishment.
She has been teaching yoga to people of all ages and shapes and has contributed to their physical, mental and spiritual development.


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