Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Once a person subscribes to a course/ service, the subscription cannot be cancelled.

Refund Policy

Patkai Yoga Center understakes to refund any subscription amount in part or whole only under 2 (two) specific conditions:

Condition 1 If, for any reason, Patkai Yoga Center is unable to provide the course or service that the subscriber specifically subscribed to even partially.

Condition 2 Only in specific courses/ services etc where a ‘money-back scheme’ or ‘money-back guarantee’ is preannounced by the Patkai Yoga Center. In such a case the subscriber must fulfil all the conditions set by Patkai Yoga Center to enable him or her to get the refund.

Patkai Yoga Center will not refund any amount to any person if he or she is unable to avail the services provided by the Center in part or whole, for reasons pertaining to that person.